These are some pictures I wanted to share of the beach last year with Tabitha.

Suzannah and Sarah had some colored sand that they wanted to pour out on the beach so that everybody else would have colored sand like they did…

Unfortunately they left it home so we had to stop and get more on the way…

They were so proud of their colored sand castle! 🙂



Sand flavored cookie! YUMMY! 😉

I can’t remember the name of that beach, but then we left there and went to Holden Beach to stay with Angie and Shay.

Going over the big bridge!

The view off the back porch…

I think it was Angie who built this castle but I can’t quite remember…


(My favorite game EVER!)

Friends! 🙂

However you should ALWAYS remember sunblock!!!

Because that^ is NOT fun!

The reason I’m sharing these pictures is because I’m going to the beach next Sunday with Tabitha again! Except this time Becca may get to come with me! And Derek and Erica (My cousins ) will also be there! I cannot wait!




Gingerbread Houses!

Last year right before Christmas my sisters and I decided to get together with a few of our cousins and make gingerbread houses…

Of course sometimes accidents happen…

How do they happen?

Well that’s a good question, and here’s the answer…

Then we realized  that we didn’t have any pictures of us together

So now we do

However sometimes pictures with cousins can take a wrong turn

Possibly making us look crazy

Or maybe high?

We may be crazy but least we had fun! 😉

Thanks for reading!


The Longest Picture in the World!

So has anybody seen Ramona and Beezuz? It’s a pretty awesome movie if I say so myself! In this movie Ramona and her father create the longest picture in the world.

So my sister, Tabitha, got a long roll of paper, some markers, and crayons and we set to work!

Of course while Tabitha was working on her masterpiece…

Hannah (being the sweet sister that she is) was helping Layla with her own masterpiece…

(The fact that Tabitha let her do this shows just how crazy my family is!)

Of course then everybody had to join in…

And this was the result…

Such a lovely piece of art 😉

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The Creek

One of me and Becca’s favorite things to do is to go down to the creek across the road from our house.

We always dress “great” for these adventures…

This is where over half of our awesome ideas have started…

We’ve also gotten several injuries down there while climbing trees that hang over the water, stepping in holes, etc…

However I don’t have any pictures of any of these injuries(which is probably a good thing)

I did fall into the water right after this was taken though

I attempted to climb on this tree but that didn’t work very well

These were taken in February, which shows we go no matter how cold or hot!

That’s all for now!

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Best Friends!

I was looking through pictures today and found some pictures of me and Rebecca Sowder, my “adopted sister”, from Christmas 2009.

This is what happens when you leave us at home with a camera and a closet of clothes…

After we’d been outside a while Joshua came outside with his BB gun and threatened to shoot us…

That was two years ago and we just got crazier!

Becca Sowder and Rebecca Prince

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